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Ms. Squaw  Indian Art, Crafts, and Jewelry
About Us
is proud to be Indian owned and operated.
We still think of sports as hunting and fishing.
We are Western Shoshone from Nevada.
The traditional name for our people is "Newe."
Our ancestors were true hunter/gatherers -
who lived a simple, nomadic lifestyle.
We were a peaceful people who lived in a tough environment - the high desert.
We believe in close ties and working together for our common good.

Ms. Squaw
has been in business since 1973 -
which was long before it was politically incorrect to use the word "squaw."
we don't really mind if you call us squaw as long as you call (or write or fax) us with an order.
775-235-7557 or 1-866-212-7774

We have been sharing the creative products of our people for over 40 years - and are willing to assure that your business will flourish - so that ours will also.
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